3D Printing In Edmonton

Where “Good Enough” Goes To Die!

Proudly offering higher standards and better quality prints.

Like most of you, we were fed up with the garbage prints we were receiving from so-called “professional” print houses. Enough is enough, so after a few years of working with select clients, we have opened our doors to the world.

Don’t Settle For Second Best,

Don’t Accept Mediocrity!

It is time everyone stops accepting “good enough” prints.

Canadian Filaments - Carbon Captured PETG Filament
Canadian Filaments - Carbon Captured PETG Filament
Canadian Filaments - Carbon Captured PETG Filament

Carbon Captured Filament!

Derived from captured CO2 and 5% recycled carbon, this filament is the first of a new collection of engineering-grade filaments co-developed with Carbon Upcycling Technologies.

Brought to you by Canadian Filaments and available from us!

Each 1 kg spool you buy and use is equiluminant to what 1 tree can remove from the air we breathe in 1 full year!

We are a full-service 3D Printing company. We use only the highest quality name-brand components from reputable companies.

Our mission is to service ALL of your 3D printing needs. Including any combination of sourcing, designing, building, installing, and maintaining ANY and all of your 3D Printer related equipment and supplies.

We are a one-stop shop for solutions for any make or model including Modix, Troodon, Voron, Creality, Prusa, Rat Rig, and many many more. Whatever your needs are, we can provide the professional quality help your business deserves.

Your 3D Printing is just one cog in the process. Slicing can make or break your prints as well. Costing you $1000s, failed prints drive up your total cost of ownership. We proudly offer several services to help with this phase of the process.

Starting with teaching you how to properly slice a model, via one of our “Learn To Slice” offerings. There is no such thing as one golden profile. Slicer profiles are a starting point and need to be adjusted for each and every print. Learn what to look for, how to adjust, and how various settings can so drastically make or break your print run.

We offer a full slicing service. This process involves us working with you to properly set up and tune your printers. Then remotely we slice your models and send them either to you or directly to your printer. We have more than one client that simply walks into their print room, removes the print job, cleans the build plate, loads more filament, and then flags the printer as ready for it’s next print.

Having us slice your designs and send them to your prints helps to bring down your labor costs and allows you to get more out of your printing capibilities.

We are proud to be the first company licensed to offer the “Hero Me” family of solutions!

Bringing an advanced module 3D Printer carriage echo system to the masses. Complete with superior parts cooling solutions and support for nearly 100 printers “Hero Me” simply can not be matched.