Canadian Filaments

Canadian Filaments is proud to be Alberta’s first manufacturer of 3D printing filament! We are dedicated to making high-quality filaments affordable, locally made, and increasing sustainability in the industry.

How Canadian Filaments Makes Their Filaments

We start with high-quality, filament-grade PLA granules and then dry them for 3 hours before mixing in colour and our strength-boosting additive. The mixture is then extruded and passes through 2 cooling tanks which cool the filament evenly on all sides. This ensures the filament will be more circular than oval-shaped in diameter. Compressed air is used to blow off any remaining water on the filament before the diameter is measured to ensure a tolerance below +-0.03 mm. The length of the filament is measured as it gets spooled onto our cardboard rolls and stops when the correct weight is reached. In total it takes 14.5 meters of industrial equipment to manufacture every spool of filament.

If you need anything printed, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form on our Contact Us page.

Premium PLA

Metallic PLA

Rock PLA

Carbon Captured PETG

Scented PLA

Textured PLA