We are proud to launch our Filaments division in combination with one of the world’s more unique new filaments brought to you by Canadian Filaments.

Their new line of “Carbon Captured Filaments“. Starting with PETG this entirely new filament is derived from captured CO2 and 5% recycled carbon, this filament is the first of a new collection of engineering-grade filaments co-developed with Carbon Upcycling Technologies. EACH 1kg spool of filament contains the equivalent of what 1 tree would remove from the air in a calendar year!

You read correctly! This filament uses recycled carbon captured from the air in each spool and not just a token amount either!

If you need anything printed, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form on our Contact Us page.

Canadian Filaments

Canadian Filaments is proud to be Alberta’s first manufacturer of 3D printing filament! We are dedicated to making high-quality filaments affordable, locally made, and increasing sustainability in the industry.