Filler - Oyster Shells

Product Details
Brand: Junai

This 3D printing powder is made from high-quality oyster shell waste and is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional 3D printing materials. The powder is finely processed to ensure consistent quality and a smooth texture, making it ideal for creating detailed and strong 3D-printed objects.

General Information

Price Per KG
Origin: Oyster Shells
Granule size: 100 microns
Composition: Calcium Carbonate, 54.7% Aragonite, 45.3% Calcite.
Crystallinity: 90.4%
Water-resistant: Semi-water resistant
Source location: Netherlands, Belgium, France


The material is universally compatible with all binders, although the use of alginate results in the best outcomes; furthermore, mixing it with cellulose can lead to a stronger and lighter final product.

Compatible with all binders, with alginate yielding the best results. Can be mixed with cellulose to create a tougher and lighter final product.

Ideal Use Cases

Easy-to-use material, end product is heavy and has a cast-like finish.

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