Honey Badger - Linear Rail - MGN12H

Shipped From Edmonton, AB!
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SHIPPED From Edmonton, AB

  • MGN12H rails with medium-high custom preload for improved performance
  • New! Class H Rails to ensure more a consistent and better out-of-the-box experience (more details below)
  • Rails are pre-lubed with EP2, once broken in our rails will work smooth and tight. there's no need to soak them in IPA or degreaser just top off the EP2 grease via the grease port and you are good to go!
  • 440c Hardened Stainless Steel construction for longevity and thicker 6.5mm guides
  • Spare parts available, Lost a carriage? missing some balls? no need to buy a whole new rail, parts will be available to perform maintenance or in case of accidents.
  • Problems? We stand behind our HoneyBadger rails and provide a one-year no-questions-asked warranty for peace of mind.


Class H QC requirements:

  1. The straightness tolerance of the guide rail is within 0.01mm per meter, and the symmetry of the R groove on both sides of the guide rail and the slider is within 0.002mm.
  2. The height (H) of the final assembly is less than 0.02mm.
  3. The total length of the guide rail and the end distance at both ends are within +/- 0.15mm. EDM precision cut
  4. The change in parallelism of the finished rail is less than 0.016mm per meter

Revision history

  • initial launch, Dry and clean assembly, high preload 440c
  • Gen 2, ep2 added, new model designation on top high preload
  • Gen 2.5, preload tweaked to medium-high
  • Gen 3 introduced Class H quality control, added a 2-stage washing before assembly to avoid unwanted particles, tweaked guide wiper alignment. - Now shipping
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