Geometric Bull Terrier

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Brand: dgemily by Géric

This beautiful geometric Bull Terrier is custom printed for each order with many color options available.

Dgemily, was created by Géric who is based in France. He is mainly playing with polygons to create large geometric wall decorations exploiting the benefits of 3D printing.

These unique designs are provided in numbered multi-parts to be assembled like a puzzle game directly on walls or on frames.

Mounting can be as simple as double-faced tape directly on your wall or as extravagant as glued to a board, glass, aged wood, and even framed.

This includes a stencil you can affix to the wall while you attach the pieces and a spacing tool for those who like things more perfectly aligned.

Approximate Default Size: 130cm x 90cm / 52" x 36"

Number Of Pieces: 55


- Please know each of these is custom-printed per order. The printing will commence after we discuss color options with you. They take time to create that perfect piece for you and your wall. We are creating a memory here for you and ask for the time and patience to make that dream come true.

- This product includes free shipping to Canada or The United States.

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